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Welcome to the Funky Farmgirls TX tribe! We are Cassie and Nicole, two small town, Jesus loving, family serving, Texas living girls that are the faces behind the scenes here at FFG. This gig has been a dream in the making for several years and we are truly honored and humbled at what the Lord is doing. It’s mind blowing when we process it all and we are beyond grateful for the love and support from all of YOU! Our hope is that when you buy from FFG, you’ll love FFG and you’ll *Live it. Wear It. Share It.* Thank you for supporting our small business and for trusting us with your design needs. You, my friend, are an answered prayer!


THE OG FFG’s, Up Close and Personal


Hey friend! I’m Cassie.Thanks for stopping by our brand spankin’ new website. Here’s a little about me.

First and foremost you need to know that I’m a wild follower of Christ. I love others big because He loves me BIGGER! Second, I'm a wife to the most merciful man, Jason. God knew I needed a lot of grace. He married a spit-fire. He won’t admit it but he likes the adventure (most days). Third, I'm a mom of 3 gorgeous children, Emersyn, Cason, and Brody (aka the Brodeo!).

I’m a born and raised small town girl from Roby, Texas (population 600). I was raised by 2 church going, whoop you if you don’t act right, farmer/rancher parents. My roots are so important to me and have given me the foundation, work ethic, and heart of who I am today…Which is where the ‘Farmgirl’ part of our name comes from. I’m also a small town girl that really didn’t fit in most days (the Bible does say that I’m “set apart” and boy was I). I grew up showing steers, working cows, riding tractors, and playing in the dirt...but had a Grammy that loved all things gardening, building, and the arts. She is where my ‘Funky’ comes from. She encouraged me to be different. She was not from Texas and a rebel in all ways. She planted a deep seed of NO FEAR creativity that the Lord knew my heart needed. This business is an extension of that and I’m blessed to get to use my God given talents to bless you all in some way.

Thank you sooooo much for supporting our dream!


Hey guys! I’m Nicole! I’m a wife to Lee, a football and baseball coaching man, a mom to Jossalyn, Gehrig, Millie and Hazel, a photographer, a group exercise instructor, a National Marketing Director with The Juice Plus Company, and of course, a designer here at FFG alongside Cassie.

I grew up in small-town America (shout out Lockney, Texas), as the daughter of a farmer and art teacher.. From my upbringing, I learned a love for creating and a love for hard work. I watched blood, sweat and tears go into the things that meant something to my parents and I know good things take time and are so worth fighting for. As with any new, small business, Funky Farmgirls has been a labor of love, a journey full of grace and patience, and a stretch for Cassie and I to trust the Lord’s timing and place it all in his hands. We can’t wait to see how God continues to show off here and are beyond thankful for each and every one of you!





Several years ago FFG had no name and was just a vision that Cassie shared with me as something she wanted to do. I listened intently and before she was done, blurted out that maybe I should do it, too (how’s that for the ultimate self-invite, lol). She graciously obliged and it truly has been so rewarding growing in friendship and business with her since the first mention. Cassie came up with the name, I loved it and that was the beginning of something special!

Fast forward to 2020, Funky Farmgirls had been a little dream for a while, but we both felt like we needed to really decide if we were going in or not. After praying about it, there was an obvious YES and we’ve never looked back. Since stepping out in faith, the Lord has filled our buckets to overflowing, custom orders GALORE, opportunities to give back to mission work that we love and are proud of, and we have taken care of so many customers along the way.

With growth comes growing pains and to be really up front and honest, we began to question our name. We worried that it was too hokey and maybe limited our reach to just women (because what guy wants to buy from a Funky Farmgirl). We worried that we wouldn’t seem trendy enough for people not from small town America. We wrestled with it a lot, but God always reminds us of who we are and guides us along the way. On May 24 of 2021, my sweet dad got sick and on June 1, he met Jesus. I am and will always be a farmer’s daughter and living out parts of his legacy became increasingly more important to me at that time. It was during a conversation with Cassie soon after when it hit me...we don’t need to change or mask who we are to reach a broader audience because the world has enough people struggling with that already. Instead, we want to stay completely true to who we are. We want to force nothing, but trust instead. Our roots go deep and will always be a part of us, so with that said, Funky Farmgirls TX is a God built, God guided, here-to-stay business that we will continue to use for His glory!

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